Satya 2
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'Satya 2 is not a regular underworld story'

New Delhi, Oct. 20 -- Nowadays, when movie sequels get announced even before the release of the original, the makers of Satya (1998) took 15 years to lock the sequel and will finally come out with Satya 2 on October 25.

Dr Arun Kumar Sharma, producer of the film, feels the wait was worth it. "A good script was being worked out, as we didn't want to make a regular underworld story, this movie is completely different," says Sharma.    

Talking about a completely new star cast in the film, with Marathi actor Puneet Singh playing the lead, Sharma says, "Ramuji (director Ram Gopal Varma) has always worked with newcomers and given them the opportunity to show their talent. Satya, which came out in 1998, is a simple example. As far as Puneet is concerned, he is an award-winning actor who has great talent and has done a wonderful job in the film."    

On a curious note, why were no Bollywood actors approached for the role? Sharma clarifies, "Ramuji identified fresh faces for this movie who are talented. He did not want to show the same old actors in roles that they have already done." Though the film aims at re-fashioning the Mumbai underworld, makers say they are not daunted by a possible reaction from the underworld. Sharma says, "We are into filmmaking business and are not afraid of getting calls as our story doesn't resemble or relate to anyone."    

Though a number of films made by Varma in the recent past have tanked at the box office, Sharma has faith in his ability. "When Ramuji approached me with the movie, I found the script very interesting. Putting money in this project was not a difficult decision. There are ups and downs in every trade. Ramuji made a lot of films which were hits and some that didn't work. He is a brilliant director, everyone knows that."