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Sachin Movie Review: It has everything to make you nostalgic


Sachin Tendulkar is a name that carried the burden of over a billion aspirations in 200 Test matches and 463 One Day Internationals. 
Still, when he was delivering his last speech at a jam-packed Wankhede Stadium on November 16, 2013, there wasn’t a single person who didn’t secretly wish to see the humble giant (metaphorically, of course) walk down the 22 yards one more time.
James Erskine, Emmy-nominated director of the biographical drama, does well in naming the film in a way that reflects popular sentiments. After all, it’s about a man with a spotless cricketing career encompassing 24 long years.
However, this also makes the biopic challenging.
Erskine decided to cast Sachin Tendulkar as himself. What if he couldn’t justify his character? It’s not a pure-form documentary, but a film that also requires a substantial bit of acting.
Sachin A Billion Dreams transports you to an era where liberal economy had started to show its effects. This was the time when money was becoming a really important factor in the Indian cricket. And the only person responsible for this new change was Sachin Tendulkar, a man who claims to have never run behind money. All he wanted was a better game, everytime.
Sachin: A Billion Dreams relies mostly on video footage, quite a bit of which – like childhood, marriage, initial cricketing days and familial relationships – is drawn from his private life. It’s a smart move on the director’s part because what more is there to know about Sachin Tendulkar’s on-field genius? You have seen it all.
Remember what happened with MS Dhoni: The Untold Story? There was hardly anything untold. So, it is only wise to focus on the unseen side of the Master Blaster in Sachin: A Billion Dreams.
The narrative traces the cricketer’s lifelong journey, from being discovered by his brother to leading India through crucial times. Tendulkar recalls different incidents – at times emotional, at times aloof. AR Rahman’s music works its charm, and you feel the need to go down the memory lane. Nevertheless, a few questions remain unanswered.
While not being an actor does pose difficulties for the cricketer at important junctures, Sachin: A Billion Dreams has a ‘different’ feel to it.
Though there are no definitive takes on topics like match fixing and Sachin’s controversial second innings as the Indian captain, it is a film worth watching simply because it documents the journey of Indian cricket through its most crucial eras.
Watch this space for the complete review.