Ragini MMS 2
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Ragini MMS 2: Borrowing from Hitchcock?

New Delhi, Feb. 25 -- Makers of the Sunny Leone- starrer Ragini MMS 2 seem to have taken 'inspiration' from the iconic shower sequence in filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock's Pyscho (1960).

In the original, Hollywood actor Janet Leigh was attacked while in the shower. In the Ekta Kapoor-produced horrorerotica film, Sunny, too, apparently gets attacked while in a shower, though a supernatural force might be at work in this case.    

"This is a pivotal scene, and has the right mix of horror and erotica. It's crucial to the film, and has been aesthetically shot. It appears in the first half of the movie," says Tanuj Garg, spokesperson of the film's production house.    

Prior to this scene, the makers shot another intimate scene - again in the shower - with Sunny and television actor Karan Mehra, who also stars in the film. "It took nearly five hours for the whole sequence to get shot," says a source close to the film.    

Sunny, apparently asked director Bhushan Patel for a closed set while it was being shot. "The monitor was kept off, and the crew was relying only on instinct and what the cameraman was shooting," says the source.    

While the makers didn't explicitly concede to borrowing from Psycho, they didn't fully deny it either. "You can draw a loose reference. I think this scene justifies the mood of the film. We've grown up on iconic scenes from classics. Some amount of unintentional inspiration is bound to be there," says Garg.