Ragini MMS 2
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Music Review: Ragini MMS 2

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

The upcoming 3D horror film, the sequel of Ragini MMS (2011) is said to be the first horror erotica of Bollywood. The film stars Sunny Leone, who has to say that the film has a lot more sex and scare than the prequel. Though the movie’s release date has been postponed several times, it is finally all set to release on 21st March 2014.


A song that starts off like any Punjabi wannabe pop track, but gets much better as the song progresses. The track as some great beats, and the song is sung very well by Kanika Kapoor! The video is surprisingly not so bad either. Thumbs up!

Sadly, the remix of this song by Meet Brothers Anjjan (ft. DJ Shilpi Sharma) is as horrible as their name, and starts of with a fake accented rap that makes you want to ask “why?” over and over again.

Chaar Botal Vodka

The Yo Yo Honey Singh number of the album is disappointing. Even though all his songs are always about drinking and women, this reaches a new height of desperation. The video stars Honey Singh himself along with Sunny Leone pole-dancing on him.   

Maine Khud Ko

Sung by Mustafa Zahid, this romantic song is awfully slow and boring. The lyrics non-innovative and over-the-top. You’ll be waiting for it to get over, and once it does, you will celebrate. The reprise version by Kshitij Tarey is slightly better.

Lori Of Death

Though the song holds quite a chilling title, the song is rather unintentionally funny. Sung by Arpita Chakraborty in a creepy manner, it sort of just sounds lame. The intent of the theme song is defeated, and it just doesn’t help the cause of the movie.

There is nothing special about the album. Except for the first track, all the others are repulsive. The last track rather gives a feeling that the film is going to turn out to be of those Bollywood horror shows that you watch just for fun.