R... Rajkumar
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Critic's review: R... Rajkumar is a big Bollywood blunder

R... Rajkumar attempts to make you laugh, but fails. Shahid Kapoor tries to fit into Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar's action-hero mould, but disappoints. Prabhu Deva intends to make another blockbuster like Rowdy Rathore and Wanted, but messes up. Read what critics feel about the movie.

Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV
Rating: *

Critic's take:  From this critic's point of view, watching this film is like being trapped, for all of two-and-a-half excruciating hours, in a torture chamber with no escape channel in sight. It is a dreadfully painful and numbingly grotesque drama that could put one off Bollywood action flicks for a while.

Saddled with a scratchy screenplay that goes round in circles, Shahid Kapoor ends up looking more moronic than macho.

Sonakshi Sinha is about the only bright spot in this distressingly dismal film, but nothing that the lady is allowed to do is good enough to prevent R… Rajkumar from disintegrating into the massive mess that it turns out to be.

Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express
Rating: 0

Critic's take: Prabhu Dheva, with an extra 'h' in his name, has designed a film that gives us everything that Bollywood doesn't need at this point: a setting that has no roots (where is this village, who are these people?), an atmosphere brimming with viciousness, crudity, and misogyny (the lead female part is barter between men), and a hero who stands for nothing.

I was left asking, why was R.. Rajkumar made? It is nothing but blank putrid noise. R.. for Rubbish. Zero star.

Mihir Fadnavis, First Post

Critic's take: Never before in the history of Hindi cinema has a film so astutely relayed its intentions from the makers of the film to the viewers. Which is why I need to take a leaf from a song in R… Rajkumar to elucidate the film's overall quality: gandi film, gandi gandi gandi gandi gandi film.

Every limitation of any movie can be forgiven if it makes you laugh. R… Rajkumar has only one such moment, when you realise that Bollywood is attempting to make money by trying to make '90s Telugu movies. At all other times, the film is a thoroughly laugh-free, idiotic, juvenile, maddening, moronic, outdated gulag of guano that galls and irritates with every passing second of its interminable stream of swill pretending to be humour.

Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama
Rating: *1/2

Critic's take: Another reason why R… Rajkumar falls like a pack of cards is the casting. Although Shahid Kapoor has genuinely acted well, placing him in the same zone as Salman Khan [Dabangg] and Akshay Kumar [Rowdy Rathore] looks far from convincing. Making him battle an army of villains, led by Sonu Sood and Ashish Vidyarthi, and reducing them to pulp looks completely far-fetched even in the masala scenario. In short, Shahid is at home when he has to sing songs and romance Sonakshi, but looks far from convincing when he has to act as a super-hero.

Mohar Basu, Koimoi
Rating: **

Critic's take: R… Rajkumar is a below ordinary, at best Prabhudheva's most modest work till date. Setting up the usual claptraps with parading dialogues, the film bludgeons you to bits. The fun moments are few and though you might find yourself guffawing in parts, in the end the film is neither cohesive nor compelling and that too without an over enthusiastic lead man that you expect from such films.

Gaurav Malani, The Economic Times
Rating: **

Critic's take: Shahid Kapoor gives his heart and soul to the role, though the converse of it is not true. Sonakshi Sinha is a mismatch to Shahid in every aspect and you know why multiple South sirens are employed in item numbers - to match steps and keep pace with Shahid. Sonu Sood has a menacing presence. Ashish Vidyarthi goes topless more number of times than Shahid Kapoor and Sonu Sood put together - and it clearly isn't a pleasant sight.