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PK Music Review

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

A Rajkumar Hirani film. An Aamir Khan starrer, with Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput. All set to release on 19th December, 2014. The film’s promotions and songs are already setting Bollywood on fire! The album is a must must must hear!

1. Tharki Chokro
A very Rajasthani folk number on the protagonist called PK, played by Aamir Khan. It describes the character and his story in a humorous manner, though has a hint of an emotions to it. It is well sung by Swaroop Khan. The video has Sanjay Dutt in a new, Rajasthani avatar. He wears the traditional Rajasthani attire and colourful turban, but he especially totally rocks the green turban and bright pink kurta! We approve!

2. Nanga Punga Dost
This track is hilarious, and yet surprisingly melodious. It’s not one bit romantic, but it’s cute. Once again, quite descriptive to Aamir/PK’s character. The song is extremely well-composed and Shreya Ghoshal’s voice is absolute magic. I super-love that little terrance dance that Anushka and Aamir do!

3. Chaar Kadam
A romantic song by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal that sounds like a dream. It’s soothing, calming and peaceful. The video starring Sushant and Anushka is a little lame and overdone, though.  

4. Love is a Waste of Time
Adorable, cute, innocent, and fresh! It’s so addictive, and makes you want to twirl and hop and fall in love! Sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, this was the very first song that was released of the film. Obviously, the best choice! Aamir Khan is too cute to be true in the video.

5. Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu
Sung by Sonu Nigam, this song is lovely at the beginning, but gets too overdramatic as the song progresses. Typical of Sonu Nigam, no?

6. PK Dance – Theme
The theme song, an instrumental piece that sums up the entire feel of the film. Though it starts slow, it picks up speed very quickly. So peppy that it makes you want to dance out of happiness!

7. Dil Darbadar
A song sung by Ankit Tiwari. It’s rather different from the rest of the songs. More intense, and very differently composed. The music and lyrics are nice, but it’s rather sulky. I definitely prefer the other numbers more!

The album as quirky titles and cute, funny songs! The songs are melodious, addictive, and a complete delight. Truly music to the ears, and yet the album does a fantastic job at promoting the film and raising curiosity.