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Madhur: Padmavati should have a smooth release


New Delhi, Nov. 29 -- Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has come out in support of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film Padmavati, which has been mired in controversies ever since the shoot started. 
The film is yet to even get a certificate from the Central Board of film Certification (CBFC), because according to the CEO Anurag Srivastav, the makers hadn't mentioned any disclaimer whether the film is based on fiction or historical facts. 
"I understand the plight of a filmmaker. I've condemned the kind of language being used by certain people. But ultimately, the film should be passed by the Censor. Also, it's entirely upto Bhansali, if he wants to show the film to the community, who feel their sentiments have been hurt. In our country, people get touchy about politics and history," says Madhur, whose film Indu Sarkar, based on the emergency period during ex Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's time, had to face the ire too. 
The filmmaker, who had received similar threats for his film, adds, "One and a half months ago, I too had been troubled by political parties to change the dialogues and the principal character's name. [After this] I had to put a disclaimer that the film wasn't about Indu, but the circumstances during the emergency period. I faced same responses from the Censor Board and even from a woman who claimed to be Sanjay Gandhi's daughter. I had to go from the High Court to the Supreme Court. It was just a day before the release that I got relief from the SC. I had to bear great loss. I couldn't release the overseas prints because the certification hadn't happened." 
Thus, realising Bhansali's plight, he wants Padmavati to have a smooth release. "Mine was a small budget film, costing around six crores and we recovered it. But, it's not about the budget. Bhansali makes good cinema, so the film should have a smooth release once the Censor passes it."