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Six reasons why you should watch NH10!


All those numerologists who thrived in Mumbai till a few years ago – thanks to the whims and fancies of our God-fearing, astrology-obsessed film producers – Hindi film titles are no longer the hackneyed variety. Therefore film names - the likes of Roy, Badlapur, Shamitabh - were coined with scant regard for tradition and numerological mumbo jumbo.

This week’s  film release too has an unusual title: NH10. Co-produced by Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom Films, and its female lead Anushka Sharma donning the hat of a first time producer, the 115-minute-long film has all the thrills to keep you on the edge of the seat. What’s more, it deals with a topical subject of hazardous metro city life where one could be caught unawares with a scary encounter with goons that could either prove to be fatal or leave a scar for the rest of your life.

Here are six reasons why you should watch NH10.

In the wake of the heinous incident of Nirbhaya in New Delhi that shook the world, besides shaming India, it’s imperative on part of our filmmakers to make relevant films that deal with burning issues that plague the nation.

NH 10 is a thriller set in Gurgaon and shows the dark underbelly of North India, where might is right and goons have a field day breaking law. Dharma Productions and Yash Raj Films may have made more entertaining films based out of the national capital in which the song and dance sequences seem to suggest that all Dilliwallahs are passionate about are food, frolic and masti, but it is story of hapless victims (played by Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam), who have been attacked by a gang of criminals, but decide to lend their support to yet another unfortunate young girl caught in a similar traumatized state.

A grim reminder of dozens of young girls and their harrowing tales of misery day in and day out on the roads, the storyline of NH 10 promises to be a past paced thriller that would ring a bell in every young man or woman’s heart about the unforeseen that could be anyone’s fate.

She may be courting controversies alongside our Men in Blue - either skirting queries from the media or being the cause of her rumoured boyfriend Virat Kohli’s bad performances on the cricket field - but Anushka Sharma has always been the spunky, vivacious and plucky actor whose heart seems to be in the right place and who knows precisely what she wants out of her career. Her debuting as a producer should be reason enough for any moviegoer to watch a movie like NH 10. And so, when the actor confesses candidly, to the point of being almost blunt, that any "film that gives me a kick would be my choice", one can count on her unmistakably.

Director Navdeep Singh, whose directorial debut Manorma Six Feet Under might not have set the box office on fire, did impress both the critics and the significant few who saw it from among the masses with his neo-noir adventure-mystery-crime subject that he handled quite bravely and competently. He is definitely someone to watch out for.

Neil Bhoopalam is not the usual six-pack abs flaunting Hindi film hero, but all those who have seen No One Killed Jessica or the teleseries 24, besides Shaitan, would remember his mobile face that could fit into any genre of film. Perhaps his training on stage, radio and films gives him the edge that sets him apart from the chocolaty or the loud macho stars of tinselville.

In a film where there is little scope for regular songs or routine dance numbers, the film has not one but six composers with nine songs. I, for one, am looking forward to watching how they have been used in the narrative.