Bollywood Music Reviews

  • There is nothing special about the album. Except for the first track, all the others are repulsive. The last track rather gives a feeling that the film is going to turn out to be of those Bollywood horror shows that you watch just for fun.

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  • The music album, including the videos, drips and drools of wannabe-ness. There is too much of expensive sun shades, fancy clothes and hip-hop/street dance, and it doesn’t make me want to go ahead and watch the movie, at all.

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  • A very dull music album. Not what’s expected from a Varun Dhawan movie, which has been much awaited by all the girls. The songs are anything but fresh, and heavily influenced by the David Dhawan tadka.

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  • Most of the songs are plot-based and are about either ghosts or the olden times, but either way they are anything but funny. Overall a boring album with way too many failed attempts to offer giggles.

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  • Overall, The songs are good, but not great. You are mostly not going to remember them, except the tanki funky monkey song! Overall the album is not strong enough for fresh actors and a charred concept.

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  • Very Ali Zafar. Overall an entertaining album that makes you look forward to the movie.

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  • A horror movie directed by Pawan Kripalani, Darr @The Mall released on February 21, 2014. The movie has Jimmy Sheirgill playing a security officer at a mall where a series of strange and unnatural deaths have happened.

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  • Freshly out of the love and youth oven, yet not hot enough to make it to the top charts. The songs are not as great as expected from this genre of films, but they are not unbearable either.

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  • An album with some very stirring numbers and some delightful folk beats. It has all female-oriented tracks, and only one song sung by a male (which is also about women). Yes, it’s bursting with feminism.

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  • Overall oh so hilarious and addictive! This album advocates anti-marriage depression in the most humorous manner, just like what’s expected out of it. After hearing the songs, you just cannot wait for the movie to release. Hoot hoot!

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