Bollywood Music Reviews

  • The entire album is an overload of pain, sadness, torture, crying, and hating life. Yes.

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  • The song has fun songs, but nothing can come close to the title track, which is totally superb! The rest of the tracks do compliment the first track though, keeping the same momentum throughout the album.

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  • The music album is not as powerful enough as the movie demands. It is nothing close to music albums of other inspiring movies.

    Views : 6 ,757
  • An okay album, with one or two good tracks. The videos are disturbing, so you’ll probably only like the songs till you see them on TV.

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  • The music album has clearly gone overboard with the attempt of creating a mystery element and a detective touch to each and every song.

    Views : 4 ,659
  • A complete Himesh Reshammiya album, as usual. And he has overshadowed Yo Yo Honey Singh as well!

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  • To sum up, this is a very “dhinchak” album, with some retro music, some action in the background, and a powerful protagonist – Kangana Ranaut.

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  • The album is just another youth movie attempt that is honestly quite boring and overdone. Wouldn’t listen to it again, ever, expect maybe “Yeh Beetey Din”.

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  • Kaanchi is a romantic story of, well, “the unbreakable” girl called Kaanchi, who represents the inner strength of a woman. The story represents the many suppressed youth, especially women, against power and injustice in the country.

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  • Yes, the tracks make us want to watch the movie, even though it’s a children’s movie! With a combination of Amitabh Bachchan, Boman Irani, and lots of horror+political comedy, the music album has already captured our heart.

    Views : 4 ,638