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Films do well despite IPL, election fever!

New Delhi, April 26 -- In the last few years, the scheduling of the Indian Premier League (IPL; held between April-June) has led to many filmmakers avoiding the same time period to release big-budget films. This year, the general elections were considered an additional obstacle. However, it seems that for those who have chosen to release their films now, the risk has paid off.    

Recently, Main Tera Hero, had a great run at the box office despite hitting theatres while the World T20 was underway. Even last week's release, 2 States, has had a great opening.    

Trade analyst Vinod Mirani feels that their success has nothing to do with luck. "If the films are entertaining, there's no reason why they won't work. The budgets aren't high, but they're backed by reputed banners. If the buzz is good, they'll be watched," he says, adding that as far as the IPL is concerned, it's still just the beginning. "People will be glued to it after the knock-out phase. But films will be watched even then," he says.    

Film distributor and exhibitor Akshaye Rathi believes that this is the window that small- and medium-budget films bank on. "For A-league films, the stakes are high and they can't afford even a marginal loss. For the films that have been lined up for this period, they will see a good run as these are the options the regular cine-goers have and there isn't much competition," he says.