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Bollywood: No lean season!

Mumbai, March 1 -- Come April, and the usually buzzing Bollywood box-office will slow down a bit. Due to the domestic T20 tournament, upcoming general elections and exams, top film-makers are refraining from having any big-ticket releases in the months of April and May.

So what does this leave the regular cine-goer with? Small to medium-budget films with a good star cast, for one.    With films such as Main Tera Hero (MTH) starring Varun Dhawan, Ileana D'Cruz and Nargis Fakhri, and Citylights starring Rajkummar Rao, having blocked the dates, trade experts say that while the big budget films are staying away, the movie calendar this year is better than the previous years'.

"Earlier, the number of releases in this period was low. But it's a good sign that movies are releasing now. Cricket and elections will make a dent, but there's stuff to watch out for," says trade expert Taran Adarsh.    

Trade analyst Komal Nahta points out that smaller films look out for this period. "The box-office won't do business like the '100 - '200 crore kinds. The films that don't feature massive stars wait for such times because they would rather come in now than face opposition from big films," he says.    

Experts point out that these films are not marketed on a big scale but have good star casts and decent budgets. Film exhibitor and distributor Akshaye Rathi says, "The competition is for grabbing eyeballs. So if not for big films, there's competition from cricket, elections and exams. But even if these films don't make 100 crore, films such as MTH and 2 States have the potential of doing '70-'80 crore. Last year we had Aashiqui 2 releasing around this time and it did well."