Krrish 3
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What Krrish 3 taught us?

People have been eagerly waiting to welcome their superhero Krrish this Diwali season and after Krrish 3 hit the theatres, it's been achieving a record breaking success. While people are appreciating the plot, there are a few morals that you need to learn after watching the film. If you are a superhero, then, you may not get an airline job, because...when client come to book the tickets and you are in air, the airline will permanently land you and tell you to "please take off forever"!

Superheroes cannot stick to a job! When you are a superhero… being a permanent employee is practically impossible. Even if you try your hand at a job, you are bound to get fired because you are out there helping the needy and not concentrating on the job!

Coding or Error Coding: The airline code for 'Airking Airlines' is AKA!

Engineers don't need a degree: You don't have to learn Aeronautical Engineering to detect any fault in the aircraft. Just being a superhero is enough to detect any damage in a jiffy!

Why India and not China? A populated country is required for an attack and India is shortlisted not China, because India has a higher population of Gods!

Fear is the best business! If you want to earn loads of money in a short time, the best business for you to do is to spread fear among common people. Darr ka business is the best business.

Dancing lessons for moms to be: If you are pregnant and carrying a superhero as your baby, you can continue to dance in heels and pierce your navel as well.

Perks of being a news reporter! The most romantic way to spend some time alone with your loved one especially if he is popular is to make a public announcement on your live news channel about his busy schedule.

Mythological Mutants: How do we trace back the history of Mutants? Simple... refer to Ramayan and Mahabharat to understand the behavior of Amanavas or Mixed breed.

Why Krrish cannot be killed! Krrish has the strength to survive and fight because he has the love of every father and every child and not because he has superpowers!

The best villain is yourself: Krrish and Kaal are brothers from the same DNA!

What's in a name: The full form of Krrish is Kripal Sharma! This is called 'Behati Ganga mein haath dhona'!

Why does Krrish fly solo: When your media partner is Air India, there isn't much choice but to fly solo.

Ultimate creator: It took the trinity of God, Allah aur Bhagwan to create one Man…