Krrish 3
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Krrish on your sleeve!

Here’s good news for Hrithik Roshan fans. Now, you can hope to flaunt jewellery that is inspired by the upcoming superhero flick, Krrish 3, starring the actor. Jewellery designer Farah Khan has collaborated with Hrithik to create an exclusive jewellery line which has a range of accessories including leather bands, mobile charms, pendants, pins and the even the Krissh Superhero Mask.

Speaking about what inspired her to come up with this collection, Farah says, “For me, inspiration begins with a strong emotion, and this Krrish 3 piece of jewellery is symbolic of the superhero within all of us.” And what’s more, even Hrithik seems to be motivated by the motifs of the line. “I keep this symbol to remind me that in times of despair that I can over come anything. As long as I stay in cause and never in effect, I realise that my environment is my responsibility and that I have the power to change it no matter what, to remind me to always stay in super stance,” says Hrithik, the reel-life superhero.

A part of the Farah Khan Fine Jewellery brand, the pieces are priced between `2200 to `6000 and will be available on Farah’s web portal, www.farahkhan, as well as her store in Mumbai. And Farah hopes that this collection will be more than just a fad. “This (jewellery line) is not meant to be a fashion fad, one that will die out after the movie has released. It is symbolic of all the qualities we strive to be. It is symbolic of courage, strength, and power,” she says.