Krrish 3
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Krrish 3: Rs. 100 crore in four days!

At a time when recent Bollywood films like Akshay Kumar’s Boss and Mickey Virus both saw lukewarm business at the box office, Krrish 3’s Rs. 100 crore haul in the first four days of its opening has brought the smiles back on the face of industry insiders.

The Hrithik Roshan-starrer superhero flick, directed by Rakesh Roshan, has thus set a record of sorts. “Despite all the criticism and having a mediocre musical score, Krrish 3 has done phenomenally well. It’s heartening to see a superhero film did so well, considering the last one, RA.One, did so badly,” says trade experts Amod Mehra.

The film, made with a budget of Rs. 85 crore, opened on November 1 and did not seen a dip over the weekend, though Diwali is considered to be the worst choice to release a film, especially one of such a large scale.

“Pre-Diwali is the worst period of the year as many theatre owners keep their doors closed because of renovation and re-painting. Rakesh Roshan did a very daring thing by going against norms of the trade and releasing the film,” Mehra explains.

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan confirms the figures given out by the trade analysts and says, “The total is Rs. 108.61 crore. On Monday we made Rs. 35.91 crore, which is the highest one-day figure. We have released the film in 4450 screens and the media has figures of only 4000 screens.” The film has also made Rs. 24 crores in markets abroad.