Krrish 3

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Krrish 3: For children only!

Mumbai, Nov. 12 -- Hrithik Roshan's recent release, Krrish 3, has been a huge success among children, if the sale of merchandise and the number of kids thronging to the theatres to watch it is anything to go by.

So, as a token of their love for the young viewers, the makers have decided to offer discounted tickets to them on Children's Day (November 14).     

A source close to the production house reveals, "The makers have requested (the distributors) to cut down the prices of the tickets across the country, including those of the movie's south Indian versions."     

When contacted, Sanjay Bhattacharji, head of distribution for Mumbai and Delhi says, "They (the makers) have requested us to cut down the prices by 40-45 per cent as compared to day one rates. This is a special gift from their end to the kids on the occasion of Children's Day."

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