Kill Dil
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Kill Dil Music Review

By Tulsi, News Network

A Yash Raj Films romantic action flick, starring Ranveer Singh (as Dev), Ali Zafar (Tutu) and Parineeti Chopra (Disha). The film also has Govina (Bhaiyaji) playing a negative role for the first time! The film revolves around Dev and Tutu, two orphans brought up by goons to be killers. The film will release on November 14th.

1. Kill Dil

What starts of as a retro disco song, continues rocking throughout! Sung by Sonu Nigam and Shankar Mahadevan, the title track is absolutely addictive, and before you know it, you’ll be moving and grooving to it! I don’t really like Sonu Nigam in this song, but Shankar Mahadevan and the music beats cover up for him.

2. Happy Budday

A Punjabi version of “Happy Birthday” and so entertaining! Sukhwinder sing has sung this track, along with Shankar Mahadevan. You must expect the unexpected here! Get’s a little boring after a while, but not bad.

3. Sajde

Arijit Singh, Nihira Joshi Deshpande and Gulzar sing this romantic song. The song is again very Punjabi. It’s extremely slow, especially in the beginning, but quite different to the usual Arijit songs. Overall, very boring.

4. Bol Beliya

This number by Sunidhi Chauhan, Siddhart Mahadevan and Shankar Mahadevan begins with very retro, almost 60s kind of music. Honestly, the song makes no sense to me. The whole passionate feel fails to impress, and it’s the kind of music that would never work with this generation.  

5. Sweeta

The lost man is back! Adnan Sami sings this song with his usual charm. The lyrics and tone is interesting, almost kind of humorous! Adnan has done a fantastic job! The song makes you want to dance, no doubt. I like!

6. Daiyya Maiyya

Starts of like a qawali, but confuses you in the middle. The singers are Udit Narayan, Shankar Mahadevan, Rasika Chandrashekhar and Jaaved Jaaferi.  Again, interesting. Very.

5. Baawra

A heart-break song sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Nihira Joshi Deshpande, Gulzar and Loy Mendonsa. Very slow and depressing. And then suddenly fast and boring. A brief mention of “Sweeta” makes you not take the intense sadness seriously. The music gets quite good in the middle with some great rocking beats. But not good enough to make the song catchy.

6. Nakhriley

A highly promoted and popular song, this track is sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Ali Zafar, Mahalakshmi Iyer and Gulzar. I was actually waiting for Ali Zafar to sing in this entire album! Completely love him, makes me want to actually listen to the song, which is quite awesome! I guess this is the best track of the film.

An interesting album with very 60s and 70s kind of tracks. Most songs start with dialogues, and then the unexpected happens. It’s the kind of music you could never image to be produced in today’s time! You’ll not understand much, but you’ll enjoy most of it. The lyrics are unbelievably strange though!