Jai Ho
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Xerox changed to photocopy in Salman Khan's Jai Ho song

Looks like the makers of Salman Khan’s next, Jai Ho, are playing it extremely safe to avoid any kind of legal trouble.

An insider from the unit reveals that the song ‘Photocopy’, which was recently released, used the word ‘Xerox’ originally. But the makers replaced it with ‘photocopy’ as
they didn’t want to get embroiled in any copyright issues.

The makers also tried getting permissions from the required authorities to use the word in the song, but then decided against it as the process was too long.

Says director Sohail Khan, "Earlier the word ‘Xerox’ was going to be used, but getting permissions to use the brand name would have been time consuming. So we stuck to the word ‘photocopy’ and I’m glad the song has got very good response from the audiences."

The makers were doubly cautious this time as they got into trouble in 2010, for using the words ‘Jhandu Baam’ in the song ‘Munni badnaam hui’ from Dabangg, and in 2012, for using the word ‘Fevicol’ in a song from Dabangg 2.