Jackpot takes Kaizad Gustad into commercial zone

Filmmaker Kaizad Gustad, credited for movies like Bombay Boys and Boom, says his forthcoming project Jackpot is his effort to get a taste of the commercial zone of cinema. "If I may say so, then yes, Jackpot is a conscious effort to make a commercial film and to get into that zone. I have not made a film like this before. It is different from my previous films," Gustad told us.

It is after a decade that the filmmaker is back in business. He says he was busy with his family all this while.

"I was busy with my personal life, my family, and I was also writing scripts. I think this is the right time for me (to be back)," he said.

Jackpot features Naseerudin Shah, Sachiin Joshi and Indian-Canadian adult film star Sunny Leone.

Gustad is "grateful" to Naseeruddin for agreeing to be a part of the project, and he is happy that "Sachiin and Sunny have done a wonderful job in the film".

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