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Hunterrr: No milestone, but a step towards mature sex comedy


Touted as sex comedy, Harshavrdhan Kulkarni's Hunterr hits theatres on Friday. Is it yet another vulgar flick in the name of an adult film or is it something you can actually watch without being 'sick'? Read on to find out.

Hunterrr is not great, but director Harshvardhan Kulkarni, who has also written the script,  has managed to churn out an interesting film that might become a stepping stone in this genre for Hindi cinema. The film traces the life of Mandar (Gulshan Deviah) whose only aim in life is to have sex with women.

When he meets Trupti (Radhika Apte) in a set up for arranged marriage, he realises that being a player was fun but he now wants to give it up altogether for the sake of a settled, married life with her.

Hunterrr is not a love story, but it is not a sex-tinted, vulgar view of life either. It is a story about a kid who discovers sexual fantasies, gets to explore the fantasies in real life and eventually strikes a connection with a woman for whom he wants to quit it all.

And in a departure from the usual sex comedies, the movie does not objectify women. As Gulshan aka Mandar says, he just "smells the needs of a woman". Unlike a Masti, there are no camera movements following a woman's anatomy.

What makes Hunterrr a progressive film is also the fact that the protagonist does not pounce upon every other woman or girl he sets his eyes on - he waits for their consent. And so he, too, has his share of rejections and failures in his expeditions.

However, for all its good intentions and cinematic beauty, Hunterrr fails to become the milestone for its genre. The film is stretched, especially in the second half. Harshvardhan Kulkarni defies the chronological way of story-telling, and the tool that could have added intrigue to the narrative, actually brings confusion. There is a clear attempt to validate Mandar's actions relating them to incidents in his earlier life, but most of the times, the connection is not clear to the audience.

As for the performances, both Gulshan Deviah and Radhika Apte effortlessly step into their characters. Gulshan adds charm and cuteness to the Amol Palekar-type of a guy who wants a more colourful life and ends up being THE player in his boys' gang. Radhika, too, brings life to her character, Trupti.

Hunterrr is a one-time fun watch. Go for it.