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Highway Music Review - A product of A.R. Rahman's magic!

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Imtiaz Ali’sHighway releases on 21st Feb 2014. Starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda, this movie appears to be ready to become a blockbuster sensation. The story is about young Veera’s journey as she discovers freedom in captivity when kidnapped, and she soon starts to enjoy the highway and travelling through 7 states of the country. The refreshing story has an equally uncommon music album composed by A.R. Rahman, which exactly reflects the story, or rather is a story in itself. The album gives you precisely what is expected out of A.R. Rahman’s music, if not more. Absolutely mind-blowing and soulful.

Kahaan Hoon Main

Sung oh-so-beautifully by Jonita Gandhi, the first track is slow and mellow. The lyrics are intricate and unusual. The song ends beautifully, making us wonder what exactly it really was about and wanting to hear it again and again till you really understand it.

Wanna Mash Up?

A techno-rap-reggae attempt by Kash, Krissy and Suvi Suresh, is a new and strange one in its league. The track has a bold, confident and sexy feel but makes absolutely no sense at all, and it is too long for its incomprehensive lyrics and the weird accents that it bears.

Maahi Ve

A characteristic A.R. Rahman track that is, like almost always, out-of-the-world. This love song has uncommon and beautiful lyrics and a feeling that you just cannot get enough of. Guaranteed you are going to have your finger on the replay button. A must-have in your playlist, especially if you are an A.R. Rahman fan (or even if you aren’t)!

Sooha Saaha

Another beautifully sung number, this time by Alia Bhatt herself, along with Zeb. We all knew Alia is a wonderful singer, and still her very first song has left everyone speechless with its delicateness and faultless voice modulations. Calming and soothing, yet there is something so saddening about this number. The lyrics are vague, yet deep, and are slightly difficult to understand (but that hardly matters). Thumbs up for the A.R. Rehman touch, thumbs up for the profound lyrics by Irshad Kamil, and two thumbs up for Alia Bhatt!

Patakha Guddi

This song has two versions: The male track by A.R. Rahman, and the female track by the Punjabi sisters Sultan Nooran and Jyoti Nooran. Intense, melodious, and very A.R. Rehman style. The Punjabi lyrics, expressing celebration of freedom, give the song a very different feel that is light and liberating. It’s a song you will not forget. Ever. It’s almost addictive.

Implosive Silence

The musical track sung by Jonita Gandhi fits well with the other songs of the movie. The feel of this song is exactly what its name denotes. It’s calm yet strong, as if trying to tell you something, and it completely takes over you. This track powerfully captures the state of mind of the lead character Veera as she journeys the highway.

Tu Kuja

This song makes you feel that Sunidhi Chauhan was the only singer missing in this music album. Now, it’s complete. The song, dedicated to God, has a strong Persian feel towards the beginning, and actually takes you to heaven. It seeks mercy, compassion, and hope.


The last track of the album is yet another divine song, sung with the tender voice of Shweta Pandit. A classical track, this one is melody to your ears and peace to your mind.

With offbeat lyrics, brilliant music, and a powerful mix of tracks, this album is ready to take over the charts for a very, very long time. It’s as if A.R. Rahman has transmitted all his magic into one album.