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Heropanti Music Review

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

A debut movie for son-of-Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff, with Kriti Sanon. This film is apparently a remake of the 1982 Bollywood film and father Jackie Shroff’s debut, Hero, and is all set to hit the cinemas on 23rd May, 2014. Unfortunately, the phrase “Like father, like son” is not applicable here! As rough, manly, and sexy Jackie Shroff was, Tiger Shroff is just the opposite! It is said that he has been trained for Martial arts specially for this movie. Hmm. Let’s talk about the music album instead.

Whistle Bajaa

The first track, sung by Manj, Nindy Kaur and Raftaar, is undoubtedly the most popular track of the movie. The song has got an addictive whistle tune, the same iconic tune of the original film Hero, but with a contemporary touch.  Apparently, this song is a tribute to the flute players of India, and they were invited for the song’s launch. The song has a very annoying step that is supposed to be catchy, but it’s a little too catchy. Whenever the song plays, I can only image Tiger Shroff dancing and pouting his abnormally pink lips!


A beautiful, romantic song sung very well by Mohit Chauhan. The lyrics are different and well-written, but it doesn’t have the “wow” element. The video, however, is anything but original. Snow-capped mountains, showcasing different sarees, and Tiger Shroff in coloured sunglasses. You’ll feel you have seen a video like that way too many times, until you see… Tiger Shroff doing some step you have never, ever seen before!

Raat Bhar

A fantastic party song that’s even more rocking thanks to Shreya Goshal and Arijit Singh. It definitely make you move it while listening to it. But Tiger Shroff does it again! You have just one more ultra-flexible, ultra-strange dance step coming your way, so watch out for it (or not)!


If it’s a Bollywood movie, there’s got to be a dramatic breakup song. This one is in the voice of Mohit Chauhan, and a good one.

And if there is a breakup song, there’s got to be a remix version of it. This remix, by DJ Angel, is making this song a little too dramatic. The music is great, but it doesn’t go with the song one bit.

The Pappi Song

Then we have The Pappi Song. This song is sung by Raftaar and Manj, and is so horrible. The rapper deliberately sounds like Yo Yo Honey Singh, but the music is not half as addictive as his songs, and neither are the lyrics.

Tere Bina

The best song of the entire album. Its soothing music, its calming lyrics, and the voice of Mustafa Zahid. A must listen!  

An okay album, with one or two good tracks. The videos are disturbing, so you’ll probably only like the songs till you see them on TV.