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Gunday Music Review - Rough, rowdy, romantic!

By Tulsi, News Network

Ali Abbas Zafar’s new and much-awaited movie, Gunday, is releasing on 14th February 2014. Starring hot-bods Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, and they very sexy Priyanka Chopra, the story is set in the 70’s and concentrates on two juvenile thieves who grow up to become coal mafias. The film is about power, friendship and love. The music album has 7 tracks, each of them with a different feel and yet carrying the movie’s essence. The film will also be released in Bengali, with Bappi Lahiri in charge of the songs in Bengali.


The first track of the album, jashn-e-ishqa, sung by Javed Ali and Shadab Faridi, is power-packed with attitude, fire and intensity, with pumped up and upbeat music. The album also has a theme song, called the Rhythm of Jashn-e-ishqa, which is a combination of both slower pace of music and quick beats.

Tune Maari Enteriyaan

Fantastic! The lyrics are light, fun and flirty, the music is attractive, and the singer is Bappi da (along with KK, Neeti Mohan, and Vishal Dadlani)! The song climaxes with a dhol that makes you get up and do the desi roadside freestyle. As the song gets over, it leaves behind tang tang tang tang! on your mind and you are lured to press “replay”, again and again. This one is a definite favorite-to-be, if not already! Bappi da has also sung a Bangla version of this sung, which unfortunately doesn’t have the tang!


Arijit Singh’s deep voice gives this song intensely romantic song depth. Although somewhere it can be sensed that there have been slightly extra efforts in giving it a classical edge, the song has overall a melodious feel.


Sung by Bappi Lahiri and Neha Bhasin, this item cabaret song appears to be the weakest one in this album. Though it may do great on the television, thanks to Priyanka Chopra’s golden mini-dress, not many will pay attention to the song. We can almost go to say that this is just one of the standard Piggy Chops western item numbers, like Babli Badmaash.


This song has a self-beating, self-sympathetic feel. Unless you’re heart-broken, this song is not appealing. The singer Shahid Mallya has done a fairly good job. Yet, we all are left wondering that, if this movie is based in Kolkata, why are they singing Punjabi?

Mann Kunto Maula

Very ethereal. This religious sufi song, well-sung by Altamash Faridi, brings peace to the heart. The composition is soothing yet buoyant. There is also a classical version of this song, which is has a more traditional, authentic qawali touch to it.


The Gunday title track sung by Sohail Sen has a catchy tune with lyrics thattell the story of the two boys, revealing their characters and lives. The surprisingly mild song, begins with a rap, which at first doesn’t feel like it’s fitting in, but as the song starts to unfold, it all sounds great! The guitar piece is superb!

This album gives you exactly what you expect from a movie named Gunday. All in all, this music album makes you want to watch the movie as soon as it releases!