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Pal backs documentary!

Mumbai, Feb. 10 -- Sampat Pal, who founded Gulabi Gang, a group of women who fight atrocities against women in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, will be in the city today to support a documentary that is being presented by director Anand Gandhi and actor producer Sohum Shah.    

Titled Gulabi Gang, it is directed by Nishta Jain and will be released on February 21. Pal is eager to speak about her journey as she feels it will help her group get recognition and also aid them in eradicating disparity.    

Incidentally, there is also a Bollywood film titled Gulaab Gang being made by Soumik Sen. But sources say that Pal has never supported that project.    

A source says, "Sampat is wary of Gulaab Gang (starring Madhuri Dixit), which is also modelled around her story. She has little or no idea about its content, and she has been vocal about her displeasure at the film being made." Jain spent about six months understanding the work of the gang and making the film.    Pal is keen for audiences to know her story in the correct narrative.

"She will be part of the marketing and promotions of the documentary for few days. Along with a few key members of her group, she's looking forward to meeting and interacting with opinion makers who can help spread the word of her struggle," adds the source.    

Sohum says, "We're deeply awed by the energy and efforts of the Gulabi Gang. I'm happy that Sampat Pal and her comrades are visiting Mumbai. A group like theirs is as relevant in a big city as it is in Bundelkhand. Their fight is not just for women's empowerment, but for basic human rights. I hope their story inspires everyone".