Ek Villain
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Ek Villain Music Review

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Upcoming romantic thriller, Ek Vilain is a film from the director of Aashiqui 2, starring cutie Sidhart Malhotra, cry-baby Shraddha Kapoor and sex-comedy king Riteish Deshmukh. Now that’s a strange team! The film releases on 27th June, 2014, and has got no one excited after Aashiqui 2’s wave of depression!


A horribly boring song. Almost an aftermath of Aashiqui 2. Sung by Ankit Tiwari, this song makes you pray for it to get over. The unplugged version has Shraddha Kapoor singing along with Ankit Tiwari, who sings, surprisingly, not so bad.


One more, this time by Mohd. Irfan. And this even more depressing, but with a qawwali touch. The song describes the emotions of a very winy, needy, and desperate man.


A song by Mustafa Zahid that is filled with self-pity and self-beating. Only that.


Now it’s the heroine’s turn to do the self-pitying, along with the hero. Here we see Shraddha Kapoor crying (oh wait, where have we seen this before?). The singers are Adnan Dhool and Momisa Mustehsan.


This is the song of hope. *yawn*. Sung by Arijit Singh.

The entire album is an overload of pain, sadness, torture, crying, and hating life. Yes.