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Dishoom Music Review

By Tulsi, News Network

An action comedy starring the super-hot Varun Dhawan and the super-duper-hot John Abraham, along with Jacqueline Fernandez.

Despite this delicious star cast, the film hasn’t done too well in the box office. We can’t blame the music album entirely, but it definitely hasn’t helped the movie much. Hear it for yourself.

1. Sau Tarah Ke
The first track of the movie is a party track in the voices of Jonita Gandhi and Amit Mishra. Honestly, it’s not one bit fun.  The lyrics are unimpressive, and the composition is stale, so there isn’t much to say about it.

2. Toh Dishoom
The title track of Dishoom , and quite succesfull in summing up the film’s “essence” (not that it’s got any essence). Sung by Raftaar and Shahid Mallya, it’s a little stupid and a little fun.

3. Jaaneman Aah
An absolutely crap track by Antara Mitra and Aman Trikha. It’s unbearable and also indescribable. The film’s version is sung by Antara Mitra and Nakash Aziz and is pretty much as bad.

4. Ishqa
Another ridiculous track sung by Antara Mitra, this time with Abhijeet Sawant (Long time no see? It was better like thats).

5. Subha Hone Na De (Remix)
Yes, the same Subha Hona Na De from Desi Boys! In the voices of Mika Singh and Shefali Alvares again, this one is a remix version, with some real good beats! The only good song in the album, and it’s not even theirs!

If there was any one word I could use to describe this music album, it would be: Faltu!