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Movie review: Harman, Sunny Deol's Dishkiyaoon misses the bull's eye

By Hindustan Times

An action movie must have pace. If a movie doesn't have it, then it has lost the race. Does the rhyming sound silly? Then skip Dishkiyaoon: it's all about silly, rhyming dialogues.

Sunny Deol, who's known for his punchy dialogues, turns 'poetic' in the movie. He says something like - Haryane se hoon, naam hain Lakhva. Yo haath chaale na, sivai is ungli ke. It is poetic.

Dishkiyaoon, which promised to be a high-octane thriller with the right mix of masala, has got its ingredients right, but intention wrong. First, the film has a plot that could have been developed into a gripping story. Second, the film has SUNNY DEOL (as Lakwa). The actor who proved himself in the action genre with films like Ghayal, Jeet, Ziddi, Farz, Gadar, The Hero: Love Story of a Spy, Singh Saab The Great and even Fox (the film flopped, but Deol was bang on), was nearly expressionless in the film. Third, it boasts of twists and turns that would keep you glued. Turns do come at apt moments, but they are just not interesting enough. You yawn, and yawn some more as the film veers towards climax that leaves you totally unmoved. You come back home with watery eyes, looking for your couch to crash on (yes, you are that sleepy after watching the movie).

Roughly the film tells the story of a gangster (Harman Baweja), who wants to avenge the death of his mentor Mota Toni (Prashant Narayanan) by killing Iqbal Khalifa (Sumeet Nijhawan) and take over the reigns of the gang from him. In the process, he chooses revenge over love.

Harman is expected to carry the film on his shoulders, but he's not prepared for it yet. He could have proved his mettle in certain scenes where he was required to emote (when Tony is killed and he's expected to look shattered as well as fearful of his impending death).

There's another factor that makes his character weak. Indian audiences don't mind a grey hero, but they expect him to stand up for himself, his loved ones. Vicky Kartoos hooks up with his best friend's girlfriend and betrays Inspector Khan (Aditya Pancholi) and has him killed.

Harman Baweja who was once touted as Hrithik Roshan's lookalike when he made his debut with Love Story 2050, picks some of his mannerisms from the Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai actor for his role. Interestingly, Hrithik played a gangster in Agneepath.

Where heroes fail (read Sunny Deol and Harman Baweja), three character artists stand out. Prashant Narayanan, as a charismatic baddie, adds an emotional dimension to his character as a father figure to Harman. Sumeet Nijhawan as Khalifa looks convincing. Anand Tiwari is excellent as Rocky, Khalifa's right hand.

Rajit Kapoor as Harman Baweja's dad has an insignificant role to play. Aditya Pancholi as Inspector Khan does justice to his character.

Ayesha Khanna as Harman's love-interest doesn't have much scope to perform.

Dishkiyaoon is produced by Shilpa Shetty and husband Raj Kundra along with Eros International, and directed by Sanamjit Singh Talwar.

Our verdict
Go for Dishkiyaoon only if you have nothing interesting to do this weekend.