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Chennai Express was better than Mughal-e-Azam: Ram Gopal Varma

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma was in a chatty mood when he came to the HT office, recently. Whether it was an opinion on Chennai Express, or joking about the underworld, the man, best know for his serious films, tickled a few ribs.

Is Satya 2 a sequel to Satya?
I knew this would be the first question! No, it’s not. So, your next question will be, then why Satya 2? I have an answer for that as well, (smiles). That is because thematically, the films are the same.

You have named the journalist in the film Sardesai, and the businessman Mittal... Any specific reason?
Names like Sardesai, Mittal will give my film a realistic touch.

How would you describe Mumbai?
Mumbai is sexier than a woman!

What do you prefer, Mumbai or Delhi?
I like the dirt, so, Bombay. Delhi has wide roads and too much greenery!

We heard that one of your female actors was discovered outside an elevator?
No, Anaika (Soti) was discovered inside the elevator actually! (grins). When she walked in, I thought she was just the girl I was looking for.

Which is the last movie you watched?
I saw Chennai Express. It was very entertaining. It’s better than Mughal-e-Azam. (Straight face).

You know a lot about the underworld...
Do you think I am connected? How do you know what I show in my films is what the real underworld is like? Who knows what’s it like... (laughs)

Have you ever got a call from Dawood, or an invitation, maybe?
(Smiles knowingly) I won’t tell you.

What’s your equation with Karan Johar?
I have always loved him. I still do.