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Baadshaho: Ajay, Emraan take us on an adrenaline rush drive


Ajay Devgn and Milan Luthria have worked together in films like Kachche Dhaage and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, so they are quite familiar with each other’s territory. 
Like these two films, Baadhshaho also has a thriller-like feel to it. However, Luthria ensures that his audiences keep getting a dose of melodrama as well.
The film takes us back to the era of emergency when the government wants to take control of everything, especially the sources of income. However, the guys in the centre of emergency are absolutely clueless about another drama that’s unfolding some hundred kilometres away from the national capital.
Here in Rajasthan, the heir of an already faded kingdom, is planning to get hold of tons of gold which can change her and her dynasty’s fate forever. She needs some skilled criminals to accomplish the task and there comes Bhawani (Ajay Devgn), Dalia (Emraan Hashmi) and Tikla (Sanjai Mishra). But, putting a team together isn’t enough as their plan is likely to backfire because it’s known to some people who can go to any extent to stop them from succeeding.
This is 1975. No traditional royal would like to make an enemy with someone who could impose emergency in the country. In such a situation, princess Geetanjali Devi (Ileana D’Cruz) finds herself in a tight spot. But she isn’t the one to go down without putting a fight.
Baadshaho appears old-fashioned in its approach with actors mouthing applause-worthy dialogues. Rajat Arora’s one-liners work tremendously in favour of the film.
The director has put a lot of efforts in giving Baadshaho a period film look. The vehicles and props have been designed as per the need of the narration.
However, it is yet to be seen whether Baadshaho works as a complete package or not.