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Alone: Nothing spooky about it!


New Delhi, Jan. 16 -- Bipasha Basu is playing a ghost in her next film Alone, but far from scaring her fans, the actor had the winners of Stars In The City contest in splits with stories about her fear of ghosts while growing up, and how she got scared of her own character in the film!

Her co-star Karan Singh Grover and director Bhushan Patel upped the fun quotient, as the team chatted with Sonal Kalra, National Editor (Entertainment and Lifestyle)

Karan, it's your first film and you are working with a star like Bipasha Basu. How was it working with her? Did anyone warn you that she might have starry tantrums?

KARAN: Nobody said that. Actually, I don't listen to such things. It was fun to work with her. She has shown me much love. I'm really honored and privileged to be working with Bipasha.

Bipasha, we have heard that you were very scared of ghosts while growing up...

KARAN: Well, she is still scared!

BIPASHA: Yes, and I don't know why. As kids when my sister and I used to sleep, I was so scared that I insisted that we sleep butt to butt. the idea was that if the ghost comes from the other side, my sister could see it and if it comes from my side, I could see it. And if she switched sides, I used to cry so loudly that my mother would come and beat my sister, saying, 'Tumhe pata hai ki yeh darti hai, toh soja chhup karke'. I thought if I do horror movies, it will take away the fear. But that didn't happen. Even in this movie I am playing a ghost and I would get scared of my own self ! KARAN: So while we were watching the movie, Bipasha was covering her face with her hand and asking, 'Woh kya kar rahi hai?'. I said, 'what do you mean by what is she doing?' You have done this yourself.'

As a filmmaker, are there any jitters about your film clashing with other films at the box office?

BHUSHAN: Honestly, when we start making the film we don't know when it will release. And there are so many movies that are being made, so, it's not easy to get a clean weekend. All you can do is that you make something you are proud of and be sure that people would watch it. I can assure you that once this movie gets released, yeh picture nahi utregi.