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Alone Music Review

By Tulsi, News Network

The much-hyped but no use Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover starrer releases on January 16th, 2015. The film is a horror film is yet another love equals sex film that is failing to attract any audience. The music album? Same case.

1. Katra Katra
The sex on the car song that everyone knows about. Not sure if anyone cares about the audio, but the video has surely gained a lot of popularity! Quite a sensuous attend, but a boring song. Sung well by Prakriti Kakad and Ankit Tiwari.

2. Awaara
Another painfully slow song, this one sung by Altamash Faridi and Salim Bhatt. Picks up some pace and gets better. But still remains uninteresting and is totally over the top.  

3. Chand Aasmano Se Laapata
This love song is sung by Mithoon and holds the same pace as the previous two tracks. The lyrics are kind of lame. Actually, very! It’s more like a romantic nursery rhyme.

4. Touch My Body
This song is back! But in Aditi Singh Sharma’s voice and new lyrics. Quite out of place, and there’s really nothing exciting about it.

This very short album of four songs (thank God) is the epitome of boring tracks and heavy sex.