Action Jackson
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Action Jackson Music Review

By Tulsi, News Network

Yet another Prabudeva film that’s all about dance and includes Sonakshi Sinha! This time, with Ajay Devgan, who has been spotted doing some great moves these days! Inspired by the original 1988 Hollywood action film called by Craig R. Baxley and with the same title.  Cannot tell about the movie, but the music? Read on and find out!

1. Keeda

Starting with a very Himesh Reshammiya tune, this song is quite catchy! Sung by Himesh Reshammiya himself with Neeti Mohan, the is catchy and cute! Yes *secretly grooving and very embarrassed*!

I didn’t understand why this song needed a remix version of it? Or a reprise version. All three exactly the same, except faster and with some extra beats here and there.

2. Punjabi Mast

Another very typical Himesh Rashammiya song, sung by himself, Ankit Tiwari, Arya Acharya, and a few more. A Punjabi party song, of course involves alcohol, some rap, and bhangra! Some of the beats are great though! Otherwise, whatever.

Another remix version that is absolutely not differentiable and unnecessary.

3. Chichora Piya   

Love love love the beginning of the song, definitely gets you going! Sung by the sexy voice of Shalmali Kholgade, this song absolutely rocks until Himesh enters.

Yet another remix version, slightly faster, not bad. Again, pretty much the same.

4. Dhoom Dhaam

Finally a song where we don’t need to listen to someone with extreme nasal issues. A romantic song by Palak Muchhal and accompanied by Ankit Tiwari. It’s a lovely song, with quite different lyrics. Like it! A good change from the rest of the album.

5. Gangster Baby  

With music that starts off very retro, this song changes immediately into heavy guitar strings and Neeti Mohan’s party voice! Along with her we hear Neeraj Shridhar after a long, long time. I don’t think anyone else could’ve sung the song better. The music is fantastic! Quite addictive, almost, may be.

An album dominated by Himesh Reshammiya (yes, because the music is by him, so of course). A short, 5-track album with some numbers that are great, surprisingly!