Movie Still: Life in a ... Metro


By IndiaFM News


Rahul is one young man with dreams. Working as a call centre

executive in a BPO in Mumbai. He silently loves his boss, Neha. A smart

young woman who has made it up the ranks in a very short time. And hard

work is not her only secret. Because her boss, Ranjeet loves her and is

willing to shower her with gifts and opportunities… only if she is


In his 30s, Ranjeet is married to Shikha with a 6 year old son. Shikha is

very well educated and was a better student that Ranjeet. But they decided

that she should stay back at home and take care of the house and the kid.

So Ranjeet ventured out on his quest for money and success… and forgot

his family somewhere on the way. And bitterness and boredom crept into

their relationship. Soon he found solace and a fresh lease of life in Neha.

An exciting, non-committal relationship based on sex.

Neglected by an indifferent husband and bogged down by family

chores, Shikha is soon attracted to a maverick in Akash. A loser and a

rebel without a cause, Akash is a struggling theatre artist whose wife

divorces him… because she cannot stand his failures anymore. Akash and

Shikha’s love blossoms and she almost crosses her limits that she has so

fervently guarded all these years.

Amol is a 70 year old man who’s returned to India after 40 years. To

spend last few years of his life with his first love, Vaijanti. This lady lives in

an old age home and is Shikha’s aunty who gives moral strength to


Shikha’s sister and Neha’s room-mate, Shruti works in at Radio

Mirchi. A producer. In her 30’s and still a virgin, she’s desperate to get

married. She is dreamy eyed about her RJ, Wishy K. Her boss hooks her

up with Wishy K. While she also meets Debu through a matrimonial site.

Hates him. But Debu, an ordinary man, is ready to marry her. Her affair

with Wishy K blossoms.

Rahul is extremely ambitiously and discovers the easiest way to

success. Rather the key to success. The key to his uncle’s opulent

apartment where he stays while his uncle is away. Most of the men in his

office look for places to take their mistresses, girlfriends or prostitutes. He

provides the perfect place to release their libido. His apartment. The cost?

A recommendation for his out of turn promotion. Even Ranjeet gets the

key and takes Neha to the apartment.

Amidst one of their escapades Neha asks Ranjeet about their future. A

commitment? Ranjeet makes it clear that she should not even think of a

commitment. He insults her and leaves. She tries to commit suicide. Rahul

discovers her in his apartment and takes care of her, They share some

loving moments… come closer but still she’s unsure about him.