Movie Review: Maruti Mera Dosst

By Taran Adarsh Bollywood Hungama News Network

Animation film HANUMAN triggered off a trend. It made you realize that 'kiddie films' can stand on their feet if they tell a story that they [kids] haven't watched on the numerous kiddie channels.

Like HANUMAN, MARUTI MERA DOSST is about Lord Hanuman too. This one has two kids essaying central roles, merges animation and live, has loads of computer graphics, but, for a very valid reason, it just doesn't magnetise the kid or the kid in you.

Let's probe. Movies targeted at kids ought to have that certain innocence, that purity, that simplicity that zooms straight into their heart. Surprisingly, like the animation ROADSIDE ROMEO last year, MARUTI MERA DOSST also treats kids as grown ups.

The nega