Movie Review: Gafla ...

By Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM


stories are being unfurled on the Hindi screen…

In the recent past, Madhur Bhandarkar chose to narrate the war

between two soft drink giants in CORPORATE. In GAFLA, debutante

director Sameer Hanchate tells the story of one of the biggest

scamsters of the stock market and even makes him a hero in the climax

of the film.

The problem with GAFLA is that it comes across more as a biography

of a scamster than a film that makes a statement against the big sharks

of the stock market. Moreover, since the plotline unravels at a

lethargic pace, the impact of a couple of well executed sequences also

evaporates into thin air.

GAFLA is a story about ordinary people or rather an ordinary young

man, Subodh [Vinod Sharawat], in ordinary circumstances. Subodh starts

out like any middle class guy, with limited opportunities to survive

and go ahead. Perhaps, he has a little bit more drive than the others,

more energy and bigger dreams.

Subodh's intentions are good and understandable in terms of ordinary

ambitions. Subodh wants to make money, to be successful and enters the

stock market. His brilliance makes him successful, but he is at the

mercy of big players.

Faced with a choice of either following a secondary career,

dominated by big players or becoming a big player himself, he opts for

the latter. But, as an outsider, he shouldn't have become the biggest

player of all. He didn't know where to stop. He didn't pause to

strengthen the base of political and institutional support before

rising further. He is inexperienced.

So, when things go wrong, Subodh is crucified for doing the same

fraud that everybody was doing.

Director Sameer Hanchate chooses a novel subject for his debut

vehicle. But a subject like this has its limitations since it caters to

a niche audience, a thin section of moviegoers who'd be interested in

watching stock market scams on the big screen.

Hanchate's direction is alright, although his choice of the subject,

as pointed above, will find limited takers. GAFLA has been filmed on

actual locations and that adds to its authenticity [cinematography:

Anshul Chobey].

Vinod Sharawat does a fair job. Shruti Ulfat is commendable. The

remaining actors, Brijendra Kala, Purva Parag, Vikram Gokhale, Aditya

Lakhia and Shaktee Singh, enact their parts with competence.

On the whole, GAFLA is a dry film that has come virtually

unannounced, with as good as zilch pre-release promotion. At the box-

office, an also-ran! Rating: 1.5