Movie Review: Aap Ka Surroor - The Moviee


By Taran Adarsh, IndiaFM

Television producer. Music composer. Singer. And now actor. Oh

yes, Himesh Reshammiya wears many caps. Literally! Everyone's curious

to know how HR is as an actor? Is he a fine actor? Or has he strolled into

the wrong alley?

Don't expect miracles. HR is no Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan,

SRK or Aamir Khan when it comes to histrionics. He's not the best looker

in town either, not anywhere close to Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan or

Akshay Kumar.

But you've to hand it over to HR for being the most courageous and

confident person around. Can you ever imagine actors like Amitabh

Bachchan or SRK turning music composers overnight? It's difficult to take

risks, especially when you're under a scanner constantly. Like the famous

lines go, every step you take, every move you make, the world'll be

watching you…

Let's get one more thing straight. AAP KAA SURROOR is no amar prem

kahani. The love story is the type we've watched a zillion times on the

screen before. But what saves the ship from sinking is the fact that the turn

of events unfold at a feverish pace and before you realize you've been

there, seen that, you're already watching the next link to this story.

So what's the verdict on AAP KAA SURROOR? It's crystal clear.

The curiosity to watch HR 'act' will ensure his fans and foes making a

beeline for movieplexes at least once. HR is sure to have his share of

bouquets and brickbats. Bouquets, because the musical score of AAP

KAA SURROOR is tremendous. Besides, he has handled a few emotional

moments without trying to ape any actor. He's natural. Brickbats, because

the film rests on a thin plot. Plus, the writing gets so filmy that you know

exactly what the film is all about, at the start itself.

All said, watch it for Himesh Reshammiya take a giant leap. At least he

has the guts to chase his dreams!

AAP KAA SURROOR begins with a dead body of a TV journo,

Nadia Merchant, being found in a remote area, somewhere in Germany.

Soon after, HR is arrested after a concert for murdering the television

journalist. HR is put behind bars and the incidents begin to unravel as the

movie goes into a flashback.

While on a concert in Germany, HR meets the event organizer

[Darshan Jariwala] and his partner [Mallika Sherawat]. He also meets the

event planner [Hansika Motwani] and its love at first sight. Love blossoms.

After initial reservations, Hansika's father [Sachin Khedekar] approves of

the match.

Things take a turn when HR is arrested. He asks Mallika, also a lawyer,

to bail him out. But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Mallika is in

love with HR, but the rockstar loves Hansika. He escapes from his prison

cell after taking the murdered TV journalist's father [Raj Babbar] as

captive. He has to find the actual murderer in one single day, or else his

sweetheart will be married off to someone else.

AAP KAA SURROOR starts off as a love story, but gets into the

thriller drive subsequently. A key factor that goes in its favor is that the

events unfold at a feverish pace, giving no time to the viewer to think or

break into a yawn. Besides, the film bears a stylish and glossy look and the

viewer is enamored by the stunning locales of Germany as also the

melodious musical score that has been filmed on some striking locations.

This one's an eye candy!

But what acts as an eyesore is the screenplay; the way the writers have

penned a script of convenience. Take for instance the climax. The villain's

confession is telecast 'Live' after a deadly chase, so much so that even the

dulhan [Hansika] and her father call off the saat pheras after watching the

television that's placed next to the mandap. Even the auto-rickshaw

sequence looks so weird. Besides, the writers should've kept the identity of

the killer concealed right till the end, like it happens in Abbas-Mustan's

movies. That's the hallmark of a thriller!

Prashant Chadha knows the technicalities right. The film bears a stylish

look all through, but Prashant should've been a bit more real and believable

as far as the scripting is concerned. Latching on to the tried and tested

stuff doesn't do justice to the tagline of the film -- 'The Real Luv Story'.

HR is in form as a composer and every song is a musical gem. However,

'Mehbooba' deserved a better placement. Cinematography [Manoj Soni] is

superb. Dialogues are alright.

As mentioned earlier, HR looks confident all through, although he

depicts emotions like anger, anguish and sadness far more effectively

towards the post-interval portions. Of course, there's room for

improvement, but for someone who's playing a 'hero' for the first time, it's

a fine attempt.

Hansika is a powerhouse of talent. Although she's no stranger to

movies [having done a few films as a child artiste], she makes her big

screen debut with supreme confidence. She's extremely photogenic too.

Mallika Sherawat is interesting, although her switchover [from negative to

positive] looks abrupt and artificial.

Shravan [introduced in KUCH MEETHA HO JAYE], as HR's friend,

excels. Bani is fair. Sachin Khedekar does well. Darshan Jariwala goes over

the top at times.

On the whole, AAP KAA SURROOR has tremendous curiosity-value

attached to it. And that, in turn, will ensure a fantastic opening for the film.

The superb promotion [quality and quantity] has created tremendous

excitement for the film, which will result in the box-office singing a glorious

tune in the final tally. For its distributors, the fabulous opening will have

them singing and laughing all the way to the bank. Critics be damned, this

one's for the masses! Rating: 3.5

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