Movie Preview: Zamaanat ...

By IndiaFM


(Karisma Kapoor) is a girl born with silver spoon to very rich parents. She

falls in love with a poor boy Suraj (Arshad Warsi), who is her college mate.

But as always is the case, the path of lovers never runs smooth …because

her father wants her to marry his business partner’s brother Sunil who has

got all vices of a rich pampered boy. Suraj with all his good qualities is

human and helpful to the fellowmen and is the hero of the college. When

Sunil comes to know of the love affair of Kajol and Suraj, he plans to

remove him from his path and succeeds in his attempt to get Suraj arrested

for a murder of a girl student … Tara …during a college dance drama


The efforts by Kajol to extricate Suraj from the murder charge proves

futile as all the lawyers became helpless because the witness for

prosecution were very strong. Helpless Kajol appeals to all lawyers to save

the innocent Suraj. A sympathetic lawyer suggests to Kajol that the only

person who can save Suraj from gallows is the famous advocate

Shivshankar (Amitabh Bachchan). But unfortunately he has stopped

attending court after he became blind in a car bomb explosion and is a

almost inaccessible except to his close friend Dr. Madan..

Kajol tries to approach Shivshankar through Dr. Madan but is turned

out by him inspite of Kajol’s pleading to save her love. She accuses him of

having no knowledge of love. Provoked and angered by this accusation,

Shivshankar narrates his own unfulfilled love story and finally asks Kajol to

leave the house.

The last hope of engaging the noted advocate Shivshankar to save

Suraj became futile and Suraj concludes that he is going to be hanged

finally. But Kajol says it will not happen.

Kajol and the entire college agitate before the court. Shivshankar does

arrive at the last minute before the final count by the police ACP to order

to fire at students.

What did Shivshankar do?
Did he save Suraj?
Whether Kajol got back her love?