Movie Preview: Tahaan


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Unlike most other 8 year old kids, Tahaan spends his time wondering what the purpose of each one's life is. He spends time in the meadows with his sheep and closest friend Birbal, his donkey, and conjures up a million questions about this world for his grandfather to answer. He is a boy with immense determination, will power and understanding.

Subhan - old prophetic man
A man in his late fifties, Subhan has seen some pretty harsh times. Journeying the mountains for decades now, Subhan has interesting stories and experiences to she with the little boy Tahaan. A tough exterior unfolds an emotional drive to safeguard his only surviving nephew and secure a better future for him.

HABA - Mother of Tahaan
This powerful character represents the woman who stands strong in the face of hardships. Her faith in her family and the Almighty is unquestionable. Her determination, self righteousness and will power is put through the ultimate test as she waits endlessly for her missing husband.

ZAFAR - old man's helper Zafar is a 35 year old simple fool. It doesn't take him long to fall in love with a woman. He is not a man with big ambitions or aspirations. He accompanies the old man across rugged terrains.

KUKA - The Money Lender
Kuka, educated in a city outside of Kashmir has an interesting part to plat in this drama. He manages Lalaji's business and strives to bring some sort of corporate structure to the money lending and apple business in this primitive valley. Emotions have no place in his materialistic world.

VICTOR BANERJEE as Grandfather
The aged and ailing grandfather is a strong support to his family. The disappearance of his son has brought the responsibility on his shoulders. He is determined to work and repay their loans and even strives to give his grandchildren a better life. His profound teachings help Tahaan to choose the right path at the time of grave difficulties.

ZOYA - Sister of Tahaan
Zoya, 14 years, provides great support and is almost a voice to her mother. Her concern for her little brother Tahaan's well being makes her pivotal in bridging the gap between right and wrong amidst troubled times. Her infatuation for her young master adds a sweet twist to her tale.

Idrees is a 16 year old teenager whose entire village along with his family were destroyed by war. Witnessing so much violence as a child has made him insecure and confused. Now brainwashed with anti - national ideologies, his actions are unpredictable.

YASIN - old man's nephew
Yasin is an 8 year old orphan boy living with the old man. He doesn't have too many friends and yearns for companionship.


'Tahaan' - is a fable-like journey of the eponymous eight-year-old boy, whose life revolves around the pursuit to find real purpose in his little world.

Tahaan (Purav Bhandara) lives with his grandfather (Victor Banerjee), his mother Haba (Sarika) and older sister Zoya (Sana Shaikh,) in the serene meadows of Kashmir. They all live in the hope that someday Tahaan's father, who's been missing for over three years, will return.

The death of his grandfather leads the local moneylender Lalaji and his manager Kuka (Rahul Khanna) to take away the assets of the family, including their pet donkey Birbal, against repayment of a pending loan. Now, life for Tahaan is his pastures. For Tahaan, bringing his favourite donkey Birbal back home becomes the sole purpose in life.

After various efforts at money-making, Tahaan approaches Lalaji with the prospect of regaining his lost asset but is devastated to learn that an old man Subhan Darr (Anupam Kher) has bought Birbal and taken him across the mountains... the same mountains from where Tahaan's father never returned.

But Tahaan sums up courage and chases after Subhan. The prophetic old man doesn't befriend Tahaan at first sight but slowly warms up to this energetic and determined soul whose love for Birbal is paramount. But at the end of the journey, Tahaan is further disheartened when Subhan gifts Birbal to his orphaned eight-year-old nephew, and even the long-time helper of Subhan called Zafar (Rahul Bose), cannot be of any assistance to poor Tahaan. On his way back home, Tahaan finally encounters a teenage lad ldrees, who convinces him that his efforts would never be sufficient to get Birbal back. Instead, he promises to get Birbal back for a favors. All Tahaan will have to do is carry a package across the mountains on his next journey. Seeing Tahaan's eagerness, ldrees hands him a grenade. He tells him that when the time is right he will be told what is to be done.

Tahaan sets off on his second journey with Subhan and Zafar, the grenade and package tucked away under Birbal's saddle. What is the price that Tahaan will have to pay for Birbal? And how far will he go to save his only meaning in life?

Tahaan is now at a crossroad where his ultimate decision would determine his fate... "Will he get Birbal back?"