Movie Preview: Rocky - The Rebel ...


Indo-Asian News Service

New Delhi, (IANS) An angry young man trying to change society... that not very new storyline forms the premise of the Zayed Khan starrer "Rocky - The Rebel" that releases Friday.

It is a story of today's youth, fighting to make this world an ideal place to live in.

The film revolves around Rocky (Zayed Khan), a rebel who can't stand injustice, social discrimination and so on.

While fighting corruption, something as old as history books, Rocky has to face opposition from his father who tells him to stay clear of matters that don't concern him.

But Rocky turns a deaf ear to his father's advice, arguing that this kind of irresponsible attitude was destroying society.

Rocky's family manages to accept their son's ideology. But destiny has something else in store for him and he finds himself in murky waters waging a battle for survival.

What does the ultimate battle in Rocky's life hold for him?

Zayed has yet to establish himself as a bankable actor. So far, no film with him as a solo hero has worked.

The track record of Suresh Krissna, director of "Rocky", is not impressive either. He made duds like "Love" with Salman Khan and Revathi, "Jagruti", which also had Salman with Karisma Kapoor, and the Kamal Hassan starrer "Abhay".

"Rocky" might go that same way.