Movie Preview: Perfect Mismatch


By Bollywood Hungama News Network


Anubhav Anand: Aman
Aman is a talented young architect who has been raised by his loving uncle (Mr.Bhalla) ever since he came to America as a young child. While working toward his dream of having his own architecture firm, Aman life's takes a beautiful turn when he bumps into his perfect match Neha. Not to be bothered by such trivial concerns such as family involvement in his relationship, Aman beings to lose sight of what is truly important while pursuing his career goals. It isn't he realizes the true extent of the love his Uncle has for him that he beings to understand the real meaning of family.

Nandana Sen: Neha
A beautiful, charming and intelligent girl, Neha sweeps Aman off his feet at first sight. As an only child, she feels that her family's opinion on her preferred match is as important as her own. When she realizes that her father (Mr. Patel) is not so crazy about Mr. Bhalla, she and Aman try anything to just get them to get along.

Boman Irani: Mr. Patel
A conventional family man, Mr. Patel runs a motel in suburban Southern California. A proud father of his only daughter Neha, Mr. Patel would go to any extent to keep his daughter happy. Any extent that does not extend beyond his simple, disciplined, vegetarian, alcohol-free lifestyle. All it takes is one meeting with his counterpart Mr. Bhalla to draw the line and call Neha & Aman's perfect match a Mismatch.

Anupam Kher: Mr. Bhalla
A loud and colorful personality, Mr. Bhalla lives a full life with his family in suburban Southern California. The things that drive this family man are great food (non-vegetarian), great jokes and Jack Daniels. Mr. Bhalla has raised his nephew Aman as his own child and is elated to meet the parents (The Patel) of his preferred match. It takes one meeting of the hyper-vibrant Mr. Bhalla and the conventional Mr. Patel for them to realize that this is the perfect Mismatch.

Susan Smythe: Amy
With a lot of spunk, this pretty young lady tries to out everything that's going on in Neha's life. A good friend and a great listener, Amy is enchanted by Neha's colorful stories of her family and relationship.

David E. Webb: Dave
A loyal and true friend to Aman, Dave is almost Indian himself. Finding great joy in being around Aman's family, Dave makes it a point to be at all the family gatherings.

Rashmi Rustagi: Mrs. Patel
An ever loving and caring mother, Mrs. Patel is a bit more lenient than her husband. Coming from a woman's point of view, Mrs. Patel is a little better equipped to understand what her daughter is going though and tries to convince her husband to see the light.

Sheel Gupta: Preeti
The perfect little sister, Preeti and Aman share a close bond. Cute and bubbly, this young lady has an endless supply of love for family and especially her brother helping him thought the toughest of times.

Perfect Mismatch Ranjita Chakravarty: Mrs. Bhalla
An over-protective mother of her daughter Preeti, ever-loving aunt to Aman, and the one keeping the Bhalla house close to sanity, Mrs. Bhalla is someone every lady will relate to.


Aman (Anubhav Anand), a talented young architect, raised by his uncle has all the love and care a family could offer, even if he does take it for granted. While working towards his very own dream, his life takes a beautiful turn when he bumps into the perfect girl Neha (Nandana Sen). The two fall in love, and nothing seems able to come between them.

Nothing, that is, until it comes time for their families to meet. Sparks fly. Every known disaster strikes when the hyper-vibrant Mr.Bhalla (Anupam Kher) and the rigidly-conventional Mr. Patel (Boman Irani) meet and their differences become hilariously apparent. The two are woefully mismatched from the start. Disapproval inevitably comes when the two fathers lock horns, but the lovebirds, true to their feelings, are ready to do anything to make their dreams come true. They must find a way to bring their families together which leads to a comical series of misadventures of the two disapproving, faultfinding fathers.

Between the struggles of making his career dreams a reality and bringing two families together, Aman realizes the true definition of family and what it really means to love someone.

The movie is a passionate view of hilariously star-crossed romance while never forgetting the importance of family, culture, and staying true to one's emotions. Join Mr. Bhalla, Mr. Patel, Aman & Neha, along with their families as they celebrate life, love and everything in between.