Movie Preview: Mr. Hot Mr. Kool ...

By IndiaFM News Bureau

Character Sketch

Zulfi Syed as Lucky
Lucky a very smart and kool guy wants to have a girl whom he can love

and keep for life, tries various things to get a girl but unsuccessful

untill he meets his ladylove Dolly.

Yash Pandit as Pat Aka Prem Amar Tripathi
PAT smart and hot but liar. He also wants to have girls but does not

want to keep them for life just wants to have fun but unsuccessful

untill he meets his ladylove Puja.

Samiksha as Dolly
Dolly a kool girl with kool attitude very emotional wants a boy who is

kool like her and respect her.

Priya as Pooja
Puja a hot girl with a hot attitude and carefree girl of the new

generation yet very loving and strong.


This is a story of two friends, Lucky Aka Laxman Prasad (Zulfi Syed)

and Pat Aka Prem Amar Tripathi (Yash Pandit), living an aimless life,

absolutely haywire and disillusioned. You can call their life, a

railway engine without a driver and fuel! Jobless and loveless, lonely

and forlorn!

But as luck would have it, they both lands in the city of London,

where happiness and joy are waiting with open arms for these two! Not

only do they get a plum job at LE LE undergarments company, but also a

brand new car!

But hold on guys, the million dollar question here is.. Who will

DRIVE this vehicle? One needs a driver and for Lucky and Pat, that

driver is a girl, whom they have been looking for, since years.

Pat keeps dreaming about girls all the time, so much so, that he

even designs his bedsheets with half-nude girls printed on them. He

prays to lord Hanumanji to bless him with a beautiful girlfriend. Lucky

advises his friend to switch gods .He has a reason. Well, pretty

justified too! He tells Pat that since Hanumanji himself is a bachelor,

he wouldn’t quite pay heed to such prayers, so the right choice would

be lord Krishna, who had several Gopis dancing around him all the


Pat agrees and rushes to the doors of Lord Krishna’s temple where he

sees Dolly (Samiksha)! He tries to woo Dolly, hoping she would respond

positively, but that pretty lass slaps him on his face and walks off,

breaking his heart to the point of no repair. To simply boast high

about himself, he lies to Lucky that now he has a girl in his life.

Later, one day, Lucky meets Dolly at Millennium Wheel where they

both fall in love. Pat is unaware of this. Both friends go to a temple

to show their love to each other. They both see Dolly and on seeing

Dolly, PAT again lies to Lucky that the girl in front is his

girlfriend. Lucky feels absolutely heart broken and from this point

starts all the confusion between both the friends.


Meanwhile, Pat and Pooja (Priya) come closer and fall in love. Pooja

works in the same office of Lucky and Pat. Whenever Pat talks about his

love with Lucky he thinks he is talking about Dolly. Misunderstanding

keep growing and so does misery in the life of Lucky.

Misunderstanding increases when Lucky who is in confusion tells Pat

that they both have the same girl in their life. Things get more

complicated between two of them that lead to more confusion and more


Now, how these misunderstandings and confusions are sorted out and

they live happily forever is what the story of Mr. Hot Mr Kool