Movie Preview: Meri Padosan


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Meri Padosan This is the story of those men who can go any length to achieve their ambition. The story starts with a couple who come from a small town to realize their dreams. Viju (Sanjay Mishra) is a clerk while Kavita(Sadhika Randhawa) is a housewife. They are living happily but their life becomes very hectic when a struggling director Shyam Gopal Verma comes to stay with two friends Prem (who is a media promoter) and Aslam (who is working in private bank). Every night they fight for some or the other thing and this gives problem to Viju and Kavita. Sometime Prem gets a chance to see Viju and Kavita's romance and he goes into flash forward mode.

One day Shyam sees a vacancy in Live India channel for a director. Live India is going to make a film based on a real life story and anyone can submit their proposal. Shyam is very happy to know all the details. Next day Shyam and his friend Prem reach Live India office and come to know that more than five hundred struggling directors have already applied for the film. Shyam fills the form and submits it on the counter. Now Shyam starts thinking what kind of story should he shoot and how is it going to be possible.

One fine day Shyam is looking outside the window when he sees Viju coming from office and his wife Kavita lovingly waiting for him. As Viju enters the house, Kavita hugs him tightly. Viju becomes happy and starts kissing her. Shyam notices that there is a lovely chemistry going on between them and thinks that this can be a really nice story.

He decides to shoot their entire romance without telling anyone. But he has no money so he sells his stuff and hires a camera for ten days. He starts to shoot their funny moments. What will happen in the end? Is he going to get the big break in films with this story? To find out more you need to check out Meri Padosan.