Movie Preview: Laaga Chunari Mein Daag


By IndiaFMNews Bureau


Rani Mukherji as Badki

Badki is a fun-loving and happy-go-lucky girl, drunk on the masti of

Banaras, but with eyes as crystal clear and innocent as the waters of the

sacred Ganga. Her life is full of laughter and the love of her family. When

problems crop up, she takes them in her stride, not letting them tarnish her

smile. So when the family falls upon bad days, and her studies are

stopped, she just girds her loins and helps her mother to keep things going.

Protective to a fault, she shields her younger sister Chutki from the

problems dogging the family. She is deeply hurt though, when her father

keeps wishing she was born a son. Even when the going gets tougher, and

she finds herself battling the hard and ruthless city of Mumbai, she does

not buckle under, but faces it all with exemplary courage. And she does

not hesitate in paying the highest price to support her family.

Konkona Sen Sharma as Chutki

Chutki is a spunky spirited and crazy young girl, with eyes that sparkle

with mischief. Playing pranks on her hapless victims, teasing her sister

Badki, and harassing her parents are her favourite pastimes, but she also

loves her family with a fierce passion. Innocent and protected from the

harsh circumstances of her family by Badki and their mother, she revels in

their love. Gifted with a sharp and intelligent mind, she is unaware of the

sacrifices Badki is making to keep her education going. When she moves

to the big city, she finds a wide open sky to open her wings and soar. She

excels at work, and actually finds a man who loves her with all her madness

and eccentricities.

Jaya Bachchan as Sabitri

Sabitri is the backbone and anchor of the Sahay family. She bears the

brunt of every crisis the family encounters. She is dismayed as she sees her

husband turn bitter with his failures and turn away from the family. She

works hard, making both ends meet, protecting her daughters, facing up to

menacing relatives. But her husband's illness is the last straw that breaks

her spirit. Alone, bewildered, she leans hard on Badki, her only solace. In

her crisis, she does not realize when Badki has reached her own breaking

point. And she is the only one who bears the burden of the terrible

knowledge of Badki's enormous sacrifices. Sabitri tries hard to ferret out a

future for her family from the hard unyielding circumstances of her


Anupam Kher as Shivshankar Sahay

Shivshankar Sahay is a retired professor of Economics who has turned

bitter and pessimistic after his pension was unfairly suspended by the

college. Instead of fighting against the resulting poverty, he has accepted

defeat, and hopes that the numerous lottery tickets he buys will land him a

fortune that will bring back the glorious days of the past. He vents his

frustration on his family, and particularly his elder daughter Badki, as he

believes that things would have been different had she been born a son. He

strongly opposes Badki's departure for the big city, predicting that she will

fail to achieve anything. All this comes back to him when he discovers the

enormity of the struggle and sacrifice that Badki had to go through.

Kunal Kapoor as Vivaan

Vivaan is a living embodiment of Indian youth today. Irreverent,

iconoclastic, totally laidback, yet very good at what he does. He is rude,

messy, and unfazed about his lack of manners. Full of wit and humor, he

loves a laugh, wherever and by whichever means he can get it. Typical of

the urban youth, he does not have a clue as to how the rest of India lives.

So when Chutki joins his advertising agency, he dismisses her as a small

town girl. But Chutki's spunk, spirit, and insights blow him away. She

matches him barb for barb, retort for retort and he finds that he is head

over heels in love. Vivaan and Chutki's chemistry is so potent; they set off

sparks when they are in the same room. For her, he is willing to go to the

end of the world, or on his knees.

Abhishek Bachchan as Rohan

Rohan is a highly educated and world-renowned attorney, sought after

throughout the world for his expertise. However, inside this suave and

smart young man resides a mischievous, impish spirit. When he encounters

Badki this spirit takes over completely. Bowled over totally by Badki's

innocence and guilelessness, he is intrigued by her homegrown wisdom

and her deep faith too. This chance encounter leads to a bit of stolen time

for both, when the child inside Badki makes her acquaintance with the imp

inside Rohan. They forget the rest of the world as they revel in each other's

company. What is happening between the two is like a flower just

beginning to blossom. But the harsh realities of their lives intervene, and the

magic is shattered. Rohan is determined to get to the crux of things, but

will he be able to handle what he discovers?


Badki and Chutki live a fun-filled life in Banaras, playing pranks,

sneaking off to see a forbidden mujra, and soaking up all the excitement

that goes on the ghats of the Ganga. Badki is aware that the family is in dire

straits, but she and her mother protect Chutki at all costs. When things get

worse, Badki decides to go to Mumbai and seek a living for the family.

Alone and unsupported in the midst of the urban jungle of Mumbai, Badki

battles with dark forces, keeping her focus on her purpose to support her

family and continue Chutki's education.

She deliberately morphs into someone else, leading a secret life full of

murky compromises. When Chutki comes to Mumbai to work, things take

a dramatic turn. Badki's life turns into a minefield, as she has to hide her

secrets from Chutki. Chutki finds success at work, and love that delights

her heart. Badki finds the magic of love, but lets it slip away before it can

blossom, as she believes it's not in her destiny. She battles menace and

blackmail alone, not letting these dark shadows fall on Chutki or her


But her dual life is revealed, and the two sisters are face to face, in a

confrontation neither had expected. And when love beckons Badki again,

the whole family is thrown in a tumultuous storm. Everything threatens to

explode in their faces, destroying all of them.

Will Badki get the happy ending she deserves?

Or will the shadows of her past douse the lamps of hope?

Will her secrets ruin Chutki's happiness?

Can their parents face up to all this?