Movie Preview: It's a wonderful Afterlife


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 23 -- What it's about... A comical fairy-tale look at the life of a Punjabi mother-daughter (Azmi-Khan) duo in West London. Billed as A Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Shaun Of The Dead, the film is about the extreme lengths a woman can go to find a match for her daughter.

USP: Independence of mind and action of the female protagonist could very well be an important aspect of Gurinder Chadha's film. "Marriage is uppermost in almost every Indian's mind. From the time a girl is born, she is being moulded into a perfect bride," says the director, adding, "She's groomed as someone else's appendage rather than someone with her own identity. In my films, though, a woman is shown to be more than just a daughter, wife and mother, she's someone who does what she wants to do, as opposed to what she's told to do."