Movie Preview: Idiot Box


By Bollywood Hungama News Network


Sushant Singh: Subhrojeet Chakraborty
He is the newly appointed Creative Director in Lalaji Telefilms, which is owned by the Queen of Indian Television and Entrepreneur Ms. Anekta Kapoor. He is brought into the company for a special purpose which is to uplift the falling T.R.P. of an ongoing TV serial. His confidence and creativity comes to a standstill when he views the earlier episodes and mumbles out "saas-bahu saga"... "Dead man coming back"... "Multiple marriages"... "Facial surgery yeh sab kuchh to ghol ke pee chuki hai iss Anekta Kapoor ne... Ab main kya karoon?"

A hefty pay packet, a secured job, a well furnished apartment, a chauffer driven car are promised to him for his success by Anekta and also a return ticket to Kolkata upon his failure was also confirmed. Subhrojeet's mission now is to find a completely new angle and track for the serial which will hook the viewers, save his job and make him win the challenge. Will he emerge as the winner?

Hrishita Bhatt: Sumana Roy Chowdhury
She is a Bengali girl from South Kolkata residing and working in Mumbai in a pharmaceutical company. She is very upset and disturbed with the content being shown in today's TV serials. She feels that these shows are morally & culturally wrong and totally destroying the fabric of Indian society. Will she be able to fall in love with a man representing everything she hates or will she stand by her beliefs and principles.

Jyoti Gayba: Anekta Kapoor
She is considered to be the Queen of Indian Television and undoubtedly there is no one near her in this field. She has changed the entire face of Indian Television along with its modus operandi she believes in hardcore entertainment to her audience and refuses to believe in any kind of logical approach to any incident in her serials. She knows that due to her tough nature people call her "Tyrant", "Dictator" etc, but in her heart she believes that without these qualities she would not have been able to run an establishment like "Lalaji Telefilms". She believes that in Indian Television scenario it's Lalaji Telefilms which run all the channels and not vice versa. Will she be able to prove herself as she faces a really tough challenge against one of the leading television channels?

Milind Gunaji: Brij Bhushan Matondkar
He is a happy go lucky person who calls himself a world tourist cum travelogue writer. He has his habit of talking to people in rhymes and also inspires others to participate and talk in the same manner. His free will always makes him look towards the bright side of life. Hence he says "Tum bhi paagal, hum bhi paagal, kaun yahan sayana hai... sach pooch to itna keh doon saara jag deewana hai!!" However to his utter disappointment, he gets entangled into a confusing situation because of his friendly nature and striking a conversation with strangers. Will his rhymes save him and make him come out of this situation?

Upasna Singh:T.V. Mirchandani
She is not only an avid television viewer but also a spinster who lives with the characters of her favourite daily soaps. She is extremely warm, affectionate and welcoming in the day time but her door is always shut for the visitors in the evenings because all her serials take off back to back at that time. She is always worried about the tensed situations that she sees in her daily soaps and even doesn't hesitate to distribute sweets when there is a marriage ceremony scene of her soap heroine. At these emotional moments she asks her neighbor Subhrojeet questions like "Kanchan ko cancer hai ya cold? Prerna ki doosre pati ki shaadi uski teesri biwi ki Bhateeji se kab hogi?" Will an incident of a serial happen unexpectedly in her real life too?

Surendra Pal: Karuna Sindhu Jagatpati
He is the secretary of the building premises in which Subhrojeet, Sumana and Mirchandani live. An ex forest officer who thinks the 'Saas bahu sagas' on the television are extremely boring and wants to narrate his "Dardnaak... Khatarnaak and Khaufnaak" incidents to Subhrojeet to make into TV serials. He projects himself as an extremely strict person and warns bachelor people like Subhrojeet to follow his unmarried lifestyle. He believes that marriage will make his building into a nightmare scandal filled zone. He wants his society to be a no scandal "Saaf suthra" area. Will he be able to maintain his discipline and keep his society "Saaf suthra" finally?


Subhrojeet Chakraborty (Sushant Singh) is given the assignment of enhancing the T.R.P of a T.V. serial consisting of 52 episodes by the Queen of Indian Television Ms. Anekta Kapoor (Jyoti Gauba). By watching the earlier episodes of the serial to incorporate a new track, he finds himself in a jam, since all the necessary tracks of saas- bahu saga, extramarital affairs, dead man coming back, twenty year leap etc. etc. have already been used several times by Anekta. He is completely plank for new ideas, when he meets a bunch of people around him. T.V Mirchandani (Upasna Singh), an avid television viewer, Karuna Sindhu Jagatpati (Surendra Pal), an ex-forest officer & now the secretary of the building in which he live, and of course Sumana Roy Chowdhury (Hrishita Bhatt) someone who hates everything related to T.V. She becomes the girl of his dreams. Success will give Subhrojeet a secure job in Anekta's company Lalaji Telefilms with a hefty pay package and failure will send him back to his home town Kolkata. What will Subhrojeet do..? How he finishes the episodes going through unexpected situations is what the story is all about...