Movie Preview: Dev D

By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Dev D: Son of a rich industrialist, who is sent away to London when he was 12, returns to his hometown and to Paro his childhood sweetheart. Inseparable as they seem a momentary rush of blood puts their lives in a tizzy; Paro is married off to someone else and Dev goes into severe depression. Not one to take on responsibilities for his acts Dev digs deep into drugs and alcohol for salvation. He stays away from home but his finances still come from a doting father. An escapist instinct and a massive ego leads him into an aimless search for lost love that pushes him further into an abyss of darkness and hopelessness soaked in self pity.

Paro: Dev's neighbor and childhood friend Paro is a free spirit riding high on life with nothing but an indestructible faith in her love for Dev. Tha