Movie Preview: Buddha Mar Gaya


By IndiaFM
News Bureau

Money corrupts and a humongous amount of money corrupts

That's the take off point for Buddha Mar Gaya - a black comedy about

dead bodies, mucho moolah and funerals.

Laxmikant Kabadiya aka LK, is one of India's richest industrialists, a

self made man who's risen from selling scrap to become a construction

magnate. His conglomerate is on the verge of a 5000 crore IPO that should

make them one of the largest companies in the country. LK's family -

comprising of his spinster twin sister Prerna, his two sons Ranjeet and

Sameer, their wives Shruti and Anju respectively and Ranjeet's daughters

Sanjana and Namrata, and Sameer's son, Pawan, can't stop salivating at the

thought of all that money.

Unfortunately for all of them fate displays a wicked sense of humour.

On the night before the IPO opens, LK dies while copulating with a starlet

who's aspiring to become the heroine of a film that LK plans to produce.

The family is distraught and horrified. Not because a loved one has died

but because now no one will buy their shares. So, on the advice of their

family guru - Vidyut Baba, the family decides to hide the death of LK for a

period of two days till the shares are all sold out. Little do they realize the

crazy series of events that will follow on account of this duplicity.

After all, hiding the death of a man as famous as LK, is a Herculean

task. To make matters worse, every time they're ready to announce LK's

death, fate intervenes forcing them to keep his death hidden for another

couple of days. Which results in them having to announce the death of a

fictitious friend or relative of LK's... And stage fake funerals. Which of

course means generating dead bodies and worse, getting the dead LK to

make appearances at these funerals.

Complicating matters further are an inquisitive and greedy servant, the

Prime Minister's fixer, a procurer of dead bodies, the paparazzi and for

good measure a couple of cops. And of course internal jealousies, greed,

rivalries within the family only add spice to the goings on.

Buddha Mar Gaya takes you on a rip-roaring ride into a world littered

with dead bodies, body parts, unending greed, corruption, funerals, ice

cubes and a femme fatale.

Statutory Warning: You'll Die Laughing