Movie Preview: The Blue Umbrella


By IndiaFM
News Bureau

'The Blue Umbrella' is a heart-warming adaptation of the beloved

novella of the same name by Ruskin Bond. It is a film about desire, about

the zealous attempt to fulfill it and finally its conquest.

The story unfurls with the discovery of a vibrant blue umbrella by

Biniya (Shreya Sharma), an eleven-year-old girl from an idyllic mountain

village in North India. She has never seen anything more striking and


Neither has Nandkishore Khatri (Pankaj Kapoor).

Nandkishore Khatri runs a small tea stall in the village. He is a miserly

old man who has a fondness for pickles and swindling kids off their little

possessions. Nandkishore is smitten helplessly by the beauty of the

umbrella and goes to remarkable lengths to acquire the Blue Umbrella but

fails miserably. He has given up all hope and declares that he will forsake it

and move on?

However Nandkishore is not the only one to covet the umbrella. The

umbrella's arrival disturbs the tranquility and harmony of the village.

Biniya's secret weapon gives her an enviable power over the small town, as

the umbrella assumes mythical status.

One fine day the umbrella goes missing! The villagers are sympathetic

to her misery but are convinced that Biniya's carelessness has resulted in

the loss. Alone and betrayed Biniya decides to take matters into her own


What follows is a journey of Biniya and Nandkishore to a discovery,

which is bitter sweet and wisdom far beyond the Blue Umbrella. 'The Blue

Umbrella' is a metaphorical tale yet also contemporary. It questions the

basic premise of mankind's quest for superiority over others. It also raises

pertinent questions on the concept of material happiness and futility of the

whole process.