Movie Preview: Aamras


By Bollywood Hungama News Network


Aamras Vega Tamotia: Jiya Sarang
A little nervous, a little happy, a little dreamy, a little scared. Jiya is an obedient and accommodating girl. Jiya lives in an ancestral house with her Aai (her mother) as her father is dead. Her Aaka (elder sister) supports the family. Jiya is particularly fond of Pari and would do anything for her. Jiya dreams of being independent some day. She is the firely, blossoms in darkness. She is referred as 'silent cinema' in the film. She needs to raise her voice and follow her dreams but...

Ntasha Bhardwaj: Pari Sehgal
Beautiful, fair, vain Pari Sehgal hails from a rich family. She lives with her parents in one of the posh locality of Mumbai. Being the only child, Pari is surrounded by gadgets- as gadgets fill the vacuum of having a lonely childhood. Pari is benevolent with her friends especially with Jiya but also the most arrogant of the lot. She is used to getting her way around. She is occasionally insensitive to the point of being blunt. She is the butterfly flitting around; she is referred as 'Princess'. Her oft-used by-line is time-out guys.

Maanvi Gagroo: Rakhi Chadda
Boisterous, spirited bold oustspoken. Rakhi is the adhesive that keeps the 4 together. She is partial towards Jiya but is aware that Jiya's allegiance lies with Pari. Rakhi's cheerfulness and lovable nature makes her the true friend amongst the four. She is the peacemaker among the four who is referred as the 'tomboy'.

Anchal Sabharwal: Sanya Balsara
Self obsessed, jolly, smiling, opinionated. Sanya is Pari's confidante. She is brazenly loyal to Pari. She is beauty conscious but aimless when it comes to her future. She wants time to stop at this moment so she is left to being with friends- she is not interested in taking up the responsibilities that comes with growing up. Her desire is to fly to Paris first class. She is referred as 'the follower'.


Aamras Aamras is a 'coming of age' youth film about friendship among four friends (all aged between 17-18 years) urban school girls, Jiya, Pari Rakhi and Sanya.

All four are very close and come from varied background attending one of the most prestigious schools in Mumbai.

All four have no secrets among themselves. They support one another in all their endeavors - good or bad - they have promised to remain friends forever with no sorrys and no thank yous as their 'mantra'. These friends will do just about anything to keep their friendship going.

The film's USP lies in its subject which has hitherto rarely been dealt with.

Aamras will make one remember what it was like to have friends when you were a 17 year old and it makes you glad that they were there when they were.