The movie is our litmus test, says Kai Po Che team


By Hindustan Times

When we met the actors that director Abhishek Kapoor (aka Gattu) is launching in the UTV Motion Pictures-produced Kai Po Che, it hardly felt like an interview. The film has already created quite a buzz in the industry and marks the big screen debut of popular TV actors Sushant Singh Rajput and
Amit Sadh. Rajkumar returns to the big screen after films like LSD: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha (2010) and Ragini MMS (2011). Abhishek too admits that the “buzz around the film is good” and as a filmmaker, he only wanted to “lift above his vision”.

What was it like to work on this project?
Sushant: This is my first film, so it’s definitely special. Getting to work with a National Award-winning director is huge. In this film, we’ve all acted for each other; the team worked together and it’s rare to see that. The movie is our litmus test.
Rajkumar: It’s one of the best films I’ve worked on so far. Everyone involved on the project has made the film what it is. And the rapport with everyone, from the co-actors to Gattu, is special.
Amit: This is a dream project in the true sense. And from the time we started work to right now, it’s an absolute miracle. ‘This is a rocket launch for us'

You’ve come from a television background (Sushant and Amit). What was it like to do a film like this?
Sushant: From the audience perspective, it’s different because they’ve seen me on TV before. But for me, it’s the same. I’ve spent five years in theatre and two years in TV before doing my first film. Plus I’m doing three films in my first year. I’ve made the transition from performing in front of a live audience to facing the camera for the small screen and now, for movies. As an actor, it’s the same; only the fame and money make it different. Frankly, you either work from your heart or you don’t; the medium isn’t important.
Amit: Like I said, this is a rocket launch for us all. Yes, having worked before gives you an idea, a perspective, but this film is different. Also, I stopped doing television a long time ago. But Sushant has been immensely popular on TV.

Did you know him prior to the film?
Amit: I’d left TV before Sushant came. But yes, I was aware of his popularity and I knew I was working with a known actor. But I hadn’t met him before the movie. We only auditioned together.

The movie gives out a message about friendship. How were you guys on the sets?
Rajkumar: We bonded very naturally when we first met and did our screen test together. Something magical happened among us. We got to know each other better only when we started spending time together, attending the workshops. By the time we began shooting, we were prepared. We were comfortable. Today, numbers play a very important role for every film and the trade has high expectations from this film.

What do you feel?
Sushant: I’m glad the buzz is there, that’s a good thing. But it all depends on the audiences. We would definitely like it to make good money and recover all the costs, but we can only wait and watch.
Rajkumar: See, sometimes bad films make R100 cr and good films don’t. The fate of a film can’t be decided in advance. But we’re hoping for the best.
Amit: I believe that if you make a good film, people will watch it. I do want the producers to make money. There are two things — you either become rich or you become rich and earn respect with it. I hope the film gets it all.